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GOP and anti-unionism

On January 8, 2003, House majority Leader Tom De Lay (R-TX) sent out a fund-raising letter on behalf of the National Right to Work Committee.  For a copy of the letter, go to the Teamsters website at

Given the Bush Administration record on issues concerning workers and their unions, this is a very troubling letter and indicates the depth of anti-unionism in the Republican Party.  Most recently, the Administration demanded that federal workers in the Homeland Security Department be stripped of their rights of collective bargaining and some of their civil service rights.  The record of anti-unionism, however, is a long-standing one.  On February 21, 2001, the Administration issued four executive orders that attacked unions and collective bargaining.  The first abolished federal labor management partnership committees.  The second revoked the right of workers to jobs under federal contracts if a new contractor is awarded the contract.  The third required posting of worker rights not to pay full dues under certain circumstances and yet did not require the posting of the federal right to organize in nonunion work places.  Finally, the fourth abolished project labor agreements on federally funded or federally assisted construction projects

We recognize that some members of the party are not anti-union and yet their leadership continues to attack the labor movement.  We suggest writing to your Congressperson and Senators to ask for a statement on these anti-union attacks and whether they support or oppose the attacks.  You can get your Congressperson�s e-mail address at and your Senators� e-mail address at www.senate.govIf they respond, please send it along to us at

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