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The ever-increasing number of conservative radio talk shows, led by Rush Limbaugh, have made it almost impossible for the views of labor – the real voice of everyday men and women – to be heard. Even worse, these conservative talk show hosts continually spread misinformation that goes unchallenged because they control the microphone.
Prospering in America has allowed organized labor to make a dramatic impact in parts of New York State. This has taken many forms ranging from listeners calling to ask how to organize their workplace to newspaper reporters listening to the show to gain ideas for stories and new contacts.

Overall, Prospering In America has helped re-establish labor as a viable source of opinions and ideas that directly aids working men and women.

(l-r): Co-hosts Alex Blair and Tom Hopkins with New York State
AFL-CIO President Ed Cleary (now retired)

This weekly, one-hour radio program features news, interviews and commentaries that highlight issues facing everyday men and women.  While we cover a wide range of topics, we focus on the workplace and politics.  Be sure to check out weekly feature Milestones that covers labor history.

(l-r) PIA Co-host Alex Blair,
United Auto Workers President
Stephen Yokich
UAW Region 9 Director Tom Fricano (now retired), and co-host Tom Hopkins

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